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Weightloss Diary

Dear Diary,

Last nite i had fibre drinks b4 bed.. So s i wake up... all the mess in my stomach was flushed awayyy... yippie! I did this every weekend... not during weekdays/ working days.. coz am afraid if i hv to go to toilet so often. But this brand doesn't effect so hard on me like other brand i've tried b4.. i love it! Later when I'm free i'll upload the picture of the products in here.. wait aaa i promise!  ^_^

This morning aku goreng cekodok (tepung + kentang + bilis + bawang) = mabeles! Yes i know a BIG NO NO NO  in diet... aku mkn sket je... anak2 kasi perabih... diorg suke sgt... ok ptg ni kite main bola kat padang okay! hehe burn calories blk...

1 jam lps tu... during snack time aku makan (3in1 beras perang + spirulina) + oats + pisang = nak absorb blk minyak kat cekodok pagi tadi... teori den sendiri nih.

ok diary. nnt update lagik.


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